Celebrating America – Ten Reasons Why I Love the USA

I am still proud to be an American–even if that sentiment has been a bit muted as of late. In spite of decisions rendered in the past several years in Washington, D.C. which have sent reverberations throughout the 50 states–some of which will eventually prove to be important pieces in the collapse of a once strong truth-based culture–IN SPITE OF THESE DECISIONS–I remain grateful that I was born a citizen of the great country.  In that vein, I offer a list of ten reasons why I love the USA.

1.  George Washington (our Founding Fathers who thrust their defiant fists in the air to an arrogant monarch; the citizen-soldiers who courageously and victoriously battled the professional military of King George).

2.  Symbols of freedom (an anthem  a glorious flag, a cracked bell, a soaring eagle, magnificent monuments).

3.  Heroes (Paul Revere, Zachary Taylor, Abraham Lincoln, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Harriet Tubman, Bob Dole, Rosa Parks, Sally Ride).

4.  Standing against tyranny (WWI–WWII–Korea–Vietnam–Invasion of Kuwait–The War on Terror).

5.  Grand Canyon (Carlsbad National Caverns, Zion National Park, our beautiful lands).

6.  Rock and Roll (Elvis, Billy Joel, Styx)

7.  Grace Bible Church (the religious freedom I exercised on Sunday to visit any church of my choosing).

8.  Disneyland, McDonalds & NCITE (entrenapeurs and small businesses with the opportunity to thrive)

9.  US Army (Air Force, Navy, Marines, Border Patrol, Cost Guard–for protecting us from another 9/11 attack).

10.  Today (freedom to do just about anything I want).

If you have couple of minutes, watch this link from American Cowboy Poet Baxter Black.

Have a great day!


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