Blog Number 600. Wasted time? I think not!


I’ve reached another milestone on the blog–Entry #600!

I can only  imagine what I have missed on the TV as I have meditated upon the Word of God and pondered the meaning of my life.  Can you believe that I have yet to see an episode of Lost?  And I’ve lost that opportunity!

Have you ever heard of Fran Copo?  According to the Guinness World Book of Records, she is currently the world’s fastest talking woman.  She can say eleven words a second.  That’s over 600 words a minute.  That is fast!  That’s a lot quicker than I took in writing the previous 599 blog entries.

600 hours (give ‘r take).  I could have wasted them away (I still waste a lot of time). I could have perfected the life of a couch potato.

Not really.

I am a worker bee.  I have to be doing.  But I am also a communicative worker bee.  I have to be talking.  Or–in the case of this WordPress blog–I have to be writing.  I’ve always been a writer.  As I child, I penned a couple of science fiction stories.  When I was a young man, I kept a journal.  In my thirties, I wrote more than a few poems.  But I have been, and I am the most at home, writing devotionals–meditations upon the Word of God with application to life today.  And the best thing about this habit is that my own soul reaps the most rewards.  I am blessed from my encounters in God’s Word and my observations from God’s world.

Now–don’t misread me at this point.  I very much want to bless you in the process.  I want to encourage you to know and show Jesus Christ.  My hope is that my years of writing have not been in vain.  If I have assisted only a few of you in your spiritual walk with Jesus, my efforts have been successful.  However, I am grateful for how I have benefited.  My soul is often dry and weary.  I regularly need to exhorted to love God and love people.  This outlet has been good for me and, as a result, good for those around me.

So I will continue writing.

700–here I come!

You are more than welcome to come along for the ride!



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