Contemporary Christian musician, do you really want me to sing THAT?

“His love is reckless.”

I heard that in a Christian song recently on the radio.  What does that mean?  I wonder if the author actually mulled over the meaning of the word “reckless” or if he choose it because it fit the rhyme in his head.  I have often thought that when hearing Christian praise and worship songs.  How much consideration was put into the writing of this song?

Now before you write me off as an old fundy (someone who only prefers the hymns of yesteryear) or someone from the reformed camp that chooses to only sing the Psalter, hear me out.  I do indeed enjoy contemporary Christian songs and modern praise and worship music.  My favorite band is Casting Crowns.  My issue isn’t in the actual music, but in the words put to that music.  In other words, I prefer meat with my music.

I found a humorous article related to this subject on (see link below). Stephen Altrogge wrote “How To Write An Awful Worship Song.” One of his suggestions is:  Be Vague About Your Theology.  He wrote, “Make sure to avoid any theology at all costs. Don’t talk about atonement, wrath, or any other biblical concepts. You want your song to be all about feeling. Don’t let the mind get in the way. Repeat after me: Worship is a warm feeling, sort of like heartburn, only better'” (quoted with permission).

Someone who left a comment in the section below the blog (joanna) added the following:

  • Write in overblown statements about how dedicated you are to God even though it is not an accurate description of your spiritual life or of anyone likely to be singing it. Examples:
    – Jesus I will tell the whole world about you
    – Jesus you mean everything to me
    – Jesus, I’m totally devoted to you
    – I will live every moment of everyday for you

joanne concluded her comments, “Doesn’t matter if you haven’t thought of God most days last week, haven’t tried to tell anyone about Jesus in years and have a heart full of idols, including the lines above is legitimate you are trying to write awful worship songs.”

How to Write An Awful Worship Song

Contemporary Christian musicians, please wrestle with your words before putting rhyme to them.  Please ensure that there is meat with the music.

God’s love isn’t reckless.  In fact, it’s the exact opposite.


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