One Packers Fan’s Reaction



I’ve been disappointed at season-ending losses.  I’ve been mad even.  But I’ve never been so sad about one before.  And I have come to realize that this describes the emotional response of the majority of Packers fans the day after the team decided not to accept their invitation to the Super Bowl.  They let down their guard.  They stopped doing the little things right and the defending world champions sent them back to the frozen tundra embarrassed about a fourth quarter that will go down in infamy.

The Pack let themselves down.  They let each other down.  They let their fans down.

I am recovering.  I’ve been washing myself with God’s Word.  Several friends have reached out to me.  A co-worker complimented me.  Work is therapeutic.  But you know what began the healing process?  My baby calling my name.  The Packers had just lost in overtime.  I slumped to the couch, actually feeling that I might cry.  And that’s when Cadence—my ten-month-old baby—crawled over to me,  stood up and said, “Da—da.”

A small gift from God to remind me of what truly matters.

There is an article on the Packers website entitled, “It’s the most heartbreaking loss I have ever covered” by Vic Ketchman.  In the comments section below the piece, several fans mentioned that they have decided to stop following the Packers.  They had not instantly become Seahawks fans.  They just realized that they were too invested in something that—ultimately—has very little value.  One individual who goes by the name Barn owl wrote,  “I am intending to hang it up. First game was 15 rows up behind Vince and the boys in ’65. All the paraphernalia has been tossed and I’ve got to focus on something that matters to me and my family, something that I can choose to have a say in. I now look back on this season as a complete waste of time – wasted opportunities to do more meaningful things than sit in front of a TV hoping and wishing and yelling at bad calls” (

Some of us may need to follow his example.  Others of us may need to pause and remember “to focus on something that matters.”  Football is a game.  It’s just a game.  God, His Word and people are forever.

Our season is over.  I’ll survive.  We all will, and with the extra time on our hands, let’s focus!

PS—You gotta love the comment on the Packers website from a certain Josh S.

“Not everyone gets to watch their team play in an NFC Championship. Yes, the Packers choked, but heck…we could’ve been watching the Cowboys/Seahawks instead. It was a heck of a season, and next year will be even better. Super Bowl 50…it would only be fitting if the Packers won it.”




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