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“Dude, where have you been?!”

Sorry for the absence, faithful blog readers!

We were buried in projects this spring as we prepared to host a family reunion.  That reunion was held over Memorial Day weekend, and we all had a great time.  Family traveled from North Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin.  We really enjoyed seeing everyone and consuming some awesome food!

Just prior to their visit, we completed nine projects here at the house; some inside, some outside.  The place has not looked better.  It needed a bit of a facelift, and our guests enjoyed what we had worked so hard to accomplish!

Also just prior to the arrival of our family, I began teaching two courses for Belhaven University–Christian Social Respsonsibility and Human Resource Management.  The former I have taught before, but the latter class is a new one for me.  You can only imagine the work that is required in teaching a college course for the first time.  With both of these courses now in full swing, I am also preparing to teach our adult Sunday School class at the church.  That is only a three-week commitment right now, but much effort will need to be put into my lesson planning and study.

I also continue to work as the Custom Relations Manager at NCITE here in Dayton.  I really enjoy my job because I spend much of my time serving others.  In a couple of weeks, I will celebrate my third anniversary with the company.

As you can see, this is a busy spring for us!  Prayers are appreciated.

However, I am sure not in a mood to complain!  I see God’s hand of blessing in so many ways currently.  It would be an understatement to say that God is not treating us as our sins deserve!  I am grateful for the health, energy and strength He has given to us during this season, and I enjoy teaching (and providing for this family).

Jodi and I just celebrated our twenty-fourth wedding anniversary.  I still passionately love that woman.  The kids are growing and maturing.  We are all particularly enjoying Cadence learning to walk with confidence and ever-so-slowly increase her vocabulary.  Having a baby at fifty may be certifiably crazy, but it is also a lot of fun!

Summer is almost upon us.  Our pool will once again prove to be an oasis for us.  The kids will spend hours each day escaping the Tennessee humidity.  As in past summers, I’ll try to leave work by 5:30PM and frolick with the monsters before supper.

Life could be worse.  Much worse.

I hope you are well.  Please let me know how things are going–especially if you need us to pray for you.



PS–Here was one of the projects – A Green Bay Packers entrance!  (Too supportive?)

Packer Door