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4 Lessons from Brett Favre


I broke my fast from the NFL Saturday night to watch the induction ceremony of Brett Favre into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame.  Like all viewers, I was particularly interested in what Brett would have to say in his acceptance speech.  The speech was surprisingly long and somewhat discombobulated, but four things really stood out to me–4 lessons from the now-retired #4.

Lesson 1Give glory to God.  Brett struggled a little as he communicated that he has learned that God had blessed him and that God deserves the glory for all the good that transpired, but he said it.  He thanked God. I don’t know whether or not Favre is a Christian, but the Apostle Paul tells us that unbelievers do not honor God nor give Him thanks (Rom. 1:21).  I was encouraged that Brett made sure he publicly thanked God.

Lesson 2All people matter.  In his lengthy address, Brett thanked everyone he could think of.  Everyone.  He didn’t simply mention the guys who sit behind the big desks in the front office and the members of his immediate family.  He mentioned his coaches, his teammates, his trainers and the security and maintenance personnel in the Packers organization.  I found it humorous until it dawned on me that he was going out of his way to thank the folks in the trenches, not just those at the line of scrimmage.  He praised and thanked everyone that enabled him to be successful.  All people matter, and Brett made that evident Saturday night.

Lesson 3Humility.  One thing evident from the events Saturday night was that Brett was a bit uncomfortable with all the accolades.  He stated at one point that he had come to learn humility.  He actions and words this weekend gave indication that this is indeed a reality in his life.  If the New Testament addresses any subject, it surely hits on the issue of humility.  We are to live like Jesus, putting others before ourselves (Phil. 2:3).  Hard to do, but possible to do so consistently with the assistance of the Holy Spirit.

Lesson 4A desire to be known as a man of God.  When Brett was commenting upon his legacy, he gave a list of characteristics for which he wanted to be remembered.  I was excited to hear him state that he wanted to be remembered as a man who loves God.  Perhaps this admission did not shock those who know him well.  I was surprised.  More than that, I was encouraged again to consider my own legacy.  When people look back on my body of work, I’d like for them to think of me as someone who loved God and loved people.

Great lessons from a great quarterback!

Thanks, Brett Favre!  Thanks for making the Packers so much fun to watch..  Thanks for returning to Green Bay so we could honor you.  And thanks for some great lessons as you entered our Hall of Fame!