A beach vacation observation: God’s grand creation

I write this from a condo overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Mexico in Gulf Shores, AL.  This morning I saw another gorgeous sunrise.  As you can imagine, the sunsets are worth beholding as well.  And then there’s the beach.  The endless horizon.  The rich blue water.  The waves lapping the shore.  The sight.  The sound.  The smell.  The beach is an amazing place.

But something trumps the beach.

General revelation is an incredible gift from our Creator, Jesus Christ.  He both created and sustains His universe for His glory and our enjoyment (Col. 1:16, 1:17).  How thankful we are for all that we get to experience and observe on the earth below and the heavens above!  Yet another gift from the Lord is even better–Special revelation.  While there is much to learn about God from creation, invaluable information crucial for our eternal survival is found in the Word of God.  It is only through God’s Word that we learn how we can be reconciled to the omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent Creator.

One day this week I was sitting on our balcony enjoying the view while also reading the Bible.  My daughter, Cascade, was with me.  I was talking with her about a passage I will be teaching this coming Sunday.  As we conversed, I was reminded again of a thought that I had had earlier in the week.

People are God’s grand creation.

As Cascade and I talked about both general and special revelation, I was struck by the fact that she possesses something both creation and God’s Word lack–the very image of God.

And that separates my precious “babies” from sunsets and Scripture.

Celena (15), TJ (12), Dayton (10), Cascade (7) and Cadence (1.5 mos.) all possess the imago Dei.  Unlike the graceful dolphins we watched swim and jump in the ocean this week, each of my children were made by God like God.  No, they’re not deity.  God alone is God.  But my kids reflect the Almighty.  They have His communicable attributes like creativity and logic and an appreciation for that of significant value.  That’s why they so look forward to our time away from all of our day-to-day activities and why they enjoyed the sunrise over the waves this morning or why they hold the Scripture in such a high regard.

These are some truly special creatures!

Meditating upon this truth this week has only served to enhance my pleasure.  I have indeed enjoyed my interaction with general and special revelation.  However, my time with my family has been awesome.  As our time at the beach now comes to a close, I find myself very thankful for all of God’s gifts!


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