Say “Thank you” Because You Are

Over the past couple of weeks, I have ordered thousands of dollars of computers from different vendors.  Something really stood out to me as I did so.  Neither vendor said “Thank you.”  Neither appeared grateful that I chose them rather than turning to other sources for the product.

This experience caused me to realize a transformation that has been taking place in my own life.  I am becoming more thankful.

Are you?

I recently asked our Facebook “friends” this question:  I was thinking about something on my way home tonight: Thankfulness. Can you answer a quick question? Do you believe you are become more or less thankful as you get older? Why? Thanks!

The answers did not surprise me.  To a man, those who answered admitted becoming more grateful as they age.  It’s a beautiful consequence of maturity.

We know that thankfulness is required by God.  Verses abound.  But as believers progress through the ups-and-downs of life most find themselves with greater clarity.  Perspective allows us to consider both the faithfulness and graciousness of God.  Our memory recalls the many mornings of our lives when we experienced His new mercies.  We wholeheartedly agree with Jeremiah’s adjective “great” as he described the Lord’s faithful character (Lamentations 3:22-23)!

We also rejoice as we meditate upon this axiom: God does not treat us as our sins deserve.

I am convinced that we have no idea the extent to which we sin. In reality, we sin constantly. We commit sins of commission and omission. We do that which we should not do.  We don’t do what we are supposed to do.  We sin daily, if not hourly, in word, thought and deed.  It does not take long for a new follower of Christ to come to the same conclusion as the Apostle Paul: “Wretched man that I am” (Romans7:24)!

In light of this truth, we marvel that the Lord continues to bless us.  Even though He is holy, holy, holy and we offend Him and others too many times to tally, most of the days of our lives we awake to mercy, not wrath.  We are blessed instead of cursed.

Shouldn’t that cause us to give thanks in all circumstances as well as be more thankful to one another?  It should!

One of those who responded to my question on Facebook replied, “More Thankful, I can reflect on my past and the lessons I learned through the mistakes I made. God has taught me a lot of hard lessons but lessons I deserved. He has shown me a great love through his providence and I am forever grateful!”

Another wrote,

“Humbly speaking….more. [Thankfulness] comes with many miles with the One who graciously made us (or should [come]). [It’s] a work in progress.”

We are indeed a “work in progress.”  However, if we traverse the “many miles with the One who graciously made us,” we grow in our gratitude.  We’re thankful for the lessons we have learned and for the love God continues to bestow upon us in His friendly providence!  Let us be quick to thank Him and let us be quick to thank those made in His image!

THANK YOU for reading!


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