HIS Story in Old Testament History

I penned this last weekend as a way for me to review God’s presence and activity as recorded in the Old Testament.  It contains several words and phrases to jog the memory of my students as they prepared to take their final exam.  You may find it helpful as well.

The eternal, triune God made the universe and all that it contains ex nihilo, out of nothing!
Then He made man and woman, bearers of the imago Dei, the image of Himself.
And then He promised the bruiser of Satan’s head, Jesus the Christ.
Again and again, He proved Himself to be Sovereign—sovereign over Creation, Fall & Flood!

He spared one family while destroying the rest and gave a multi-colored promise that He would never cry for forty days and forty nights again.
And then He called Abram out of Ur.
And as He passed through the pieces He proclaimed that Abram would have descendants as numerous as sand granules and star-filled skies.
And He opened Sarah’s womb.

He proved repeatedly to be God Almighty to the patriarchs, key individuals,  Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph.
And He created a nation from the seed of Jacob.
And He provided for His people through Joseph.
And then He protected a baby floating within the reeds.
And I AM appeared to Moses.

He demonstrated that He alone was God, destroying the so-called gods of Egypt as He both hardened and softened the heart of Pharaoh.
And He graciously spared the first born sons in Goshen.
And then He divided the Red Sea.
And He hurled horse and rider into the waves.
And He led His people to the thundering mountain.

And then He met with Moses like He had never met with a man before.
And He gave His people a code to help them love Him and hate sin as they prepared to enter the promised land.
And He punished those who loved the world more than God and themselves more than their neighbors.
And He purified the remnant and prepared the Army.
And although Moses’ reflected glory began to fade, the glory and holiness of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob continued to brightly burn.

And then He parted the Jordan and was with Joshua even as He was with Moses.
And He proclaimed Himself Commander of the Army of the Lord.
And He battled with and for His people.
And He raised up judges to deliver an adulterous nation.
After silence, sin and supplication God sent salvation time after time after time.
While the people continued to do what was right in their own eyes, Jehovah remained faithful to the faithful remnant.

And He provided the nation with a king—a king they deserved, having reserved a man after His own heart in the quiet fields outside Bethlehem.
And He was with David through David’s highs and through David’s lows.
And then He promised the unthinkable—that David would have a son on the throne…for eternity.

And as the nation split and as wicked kings to the north and to the south turned their back on the One True King, the Lord sent prophet after prophet to warn His people, calling them to repent and return in order that times of refreshing might follow.
But the people continued to walk in the footsteps of Gomer.
And the patience of God had reached its conclusion.

And God became angry; very angry.

And He sent the Assyrians.  722 B.C.
And He sent the Babylonians.  586 B.C.
The rods of God.

And, in dramatic fashion, the glory of God departed the temple.

Eventually the people would trickle back into the land.
The milk did not flow as it once had.
The honey wasn’t as sweet.
The rebuilding process was difficult.

But Messiah had been promised.
The forerunner had been mentioned by the final prophet.

And then God went silent.

For 400 years.

No recorded words.
No recorded appearances.
No recorded miracles.

Just silence.

Until an angel appeared to Zachariah in the temple.
“Good news of great joy” was about to be announced!

But that is NT History.


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