Special Graces in Common Places – Aptly spoken words


“This book is about learning to pay attention to what God is doing with you, to be learning to hear He is teaching you, and to see how He is challenging you, encouraging you, and equipping you though the normal, common, and even mundane experiences of life.”

My friend and fellow RTS alumnus, Dan Ledwith wrote those words in his introduction to his new book, Special Graces in Common Places, available for purchase today.  His easy-to-read anecdotal devotional is a collection of vignettes that are both honest and interesting and sometimes even heart-breaking.  First, he wants to convince his readers that “God knows no distinction between the sacred and the secular parts” of life (p.2).  Second, he desires to “illustrate how everyday life is full of discipleship moments'” (p.3).  He succeeds in doing both. More than that, however, each meditation is edifying, offering spiritually encouraging insights.  One can choose to read this book in an afternoon or select one chapter a day for time of selah (pause and consider moment).

One of Dan’s themes in Special Graces in Common Places is the sufficiency of God in His saving and sustaining grace. Dan wrote,

Perhaps the most precious thing I have been learning these past twenty-four years is that Jesus is enough. He is always enough. And in Him, I never have to worry about being enough, because in Him I will always have enough. When I look back and reflect on my life, time and time again when I realized I was not enough, He showed He was enough. I didn’t always see it right away, but He was always there. Always. And He always will be (Chapter 2: Lessons from 24).

Later, he added:

What I have been learning is that God’s plan for us includes bringing us into places where we quickly realize that we don’t have what it takes; places where we realize that we don’t have the wisdom, the strength, the resources, the confidence, the man power, the ability, or the finances. He loves taking me to places like that anyway, and I don’t think it’s because I’m “just that special.” He does this because God wants us to see how trustworthy and faithful He is. He is not interested in making me feel like I am enough or that I have what it takes. He wants me to come to the opposite conclusion, that He is enough. God is not interested in making us feel capable. He is interested in helping us see that He is capable (Chapter 42: Thoughts on a Recurring Theme).

Indeed!  God truly is “capable.”  Dan’s book enables us to see this truth quite clearly. Thus, it is a good read!

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please use this link:





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  1. Thanks Tim for your kind review!

  2. Reblogged this on Learning To Be Full Of Grace And Truth. and commented:
    A shout out to my friend Tim over at Striving for Reality for his review of my book. Check him out, he writes great stuff!

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