Cadence fell in the pool

It finally happened.  One of my kids actually fell in the pool.

water splash isolated on white background

Last week Jodi and I were outside cleaning the pool.  Cadence was with us.  And she was cute as can be, talking up a storm while trying to help us.  She was probably trying to reach a leaf on the surface of the water when Jodi and I both heard the unmistakable sound of a human jumping or falling into water, wwwhhhhooosh.

Having super hero blood flowing through my veins, I sprang into action.  First I assessed the situation.  A two-year-old with an insufficient knowledge of how to swim has fallen into a pool. Second…wait a second…let’s see if she can swim to the stairs…wait a second…I think she’s got this…wait less than a second…not fast enough for my liking…rescue time!  Super hero Dad jumps into the pool fully-clothed and saves the child.  Both child and mother were headed into the abyss of emotional response but Super Hero Dad averted that disaster as well.  Shock turned to fear which turned to relief which turned to happiness.  And all was right in the world.

As I think of that somewhat traumatic experience for my daughter, I couldn’t help but consider it an analogy of sorts for lives in this world.  We, too, unexpectedly fall.  We are taking care of business, moving through our lives and, sometimes instantaneously, we find ourselves over our heads in the circumstances we would not have chosen for ourselves.  What do we do at those times? Like my two-year-old, we immediately begin the process of attempting to fix our situation.  Our arms and legs start flailing.

Cadence didn’t have much choice.  Her instincts took over and what few skills she learned from a summer in the pool were put to good use.  Often times, however, we actually have a choice.  We can selah.  That’s a biblical word for pause and consider.  In other words, we can contemplate the situation and remind ourselves of truths such as the sovereignty of God and knowledge that all things work together for the good of those who love God (Romans  8:28).

This coming Sunday I’ll be teaching Romans, chapter 8.  Each week we learn the key word, key phrase and key verse from the chapter for the week.  Romans is so full of awesome content that I could have chosen a variety of words, phrases and verses!  Perhaps no chapter of the Bible means more to believers than this one!  That’s why so many of us turn to it during difficult seasons in life.  It is helpful to be reminded that, no matter how badly we failed yesterday, we are not condemned (8:1), we can please God today (8:8), and the Spirit is ready, willing, and able to help us in our battle with the remaining sin (8:13), He causes us to remember that we are children of God (8:16), our present identity will be revealed in the future (8:18), the Spirit is praying on our behalf (8:28), our salvation–from start to finish–is God-wrought (8:29-30) and NOTHING can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus (8:31-39)!

Does truth make a difference when you unexpectedly fall in the pool?  You bet it does!



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