• Christian (renewed by sovereign grace in 1984).
  • Born Milwaukee, WI March 18, 1965 to James and Janice Wehse, parents who cared and took care and taught me how to laugh and work.
  • Fifth of six children.
  • Birth name:  Timothy James Wehse.
  • Husband (happily married to Jodi since 1991).  27 Years!
  • Father (Celena-1999, T.J.-2002, Dayton-2005, Cascade-2008 & Cadence-2014).
  • Veteran U.S. Army (1984-1987 [2 years in Japan]).
  • B.A. Biblical Studies (Bryan College, 1992).
  • M.A. Theological Studies (Reformed Theological Seminary, 1996).
  • Ten Years Pastoral Ministry (Bonham Baptist Church, Spring City, TN & Grace Evangelical Free Church, Las Vegas, NV).
  • Administrator/Principal/Teacher (Rhea County Academy [2007-2012]).
  • Customer Relations Manager/Service Manager (NCITE, Dayton, TN [2012-Current]).
  • Adjunct Professor, Bryan College Degree-Completion Program (I taught Business Ethics, Introduction to the Bible, Jesus and the Gospels and Philosophy of Culture [2007-2014]).
  • Adjunct Professor, Belhaven University, Chattanooga (I teach Christian Interpretation of Life [intro to worldviews/religions] Christian Social Responsibility [being genuine Good Samaritans], Doctrine and Practical Implication [intro to theology], Kingdom Life [living the Christian worldview at home and at work], New Testament History  and  Old Testament History on the Chattanooga and Dalton campuses [2010-Present]).
  • Active member of Grace Bible Church, Preaching Team member, Sunday School teacher, Impact (youth ministry) volunteer, Dayton, TN.
  • Favorite Authors:  Dave Barry, John Calvin, Tom Clancy, Jonathan Edwards, John Piper, Dr. Seuss, R.C. Sproul.
  • The Top Ten Books which have deeply influenced me:  The Bible (all 66!), The Holiness of God (Sproul), The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination (Boettner), Desiring God (Piper), The Gospel According to Jesus (MacArthur), Holiness (Ryle), The Valley Vision (various), Knowing God (Packer), The Imitation of Christ (A’Kempis) & The Old Man and the Sea (Hemingway).
  • Avid Green Bay Packers fan (I grew up in WI).  Chicago Cubs fan thanks to my dad.
  • Looking too much like my dad now that I am his age when I considered him “old”!
  • Contact: tim.wehse.instructor@gmail.com

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