School News: Day #1 Complete

The first day of classes at Rhea County Academy is “in the books”!  I praise God for how smoothly our quarter began today!  The teachers have been working “as unto the Lord” (for His fame [Col. 3:17] and for His pleasure [Col. 3:23]) to prepare for the arrival of our students.  They (students and teachers) came this morning; some were even awake!  It was great to see them again!  I am always surprised to see how tall the students grow over the summer vacation!  This year we also have our largest kindergarten class in our school’s history.  Our new parents are excited to have the opportunity to enroll their children in a school committed to Christ-centeredness and college-preparedness.  So am I.  I have three children enrolled at the academy this year.  Celena is in 6th grade, TJ is in 3rd, and Dayton is in K5.  Jodi and I are praising God for the caring and qualified teachers our children have, and we look forward to what God is going to do through them for His glory and their good!

On a related theme, Jodi and I deeply desire for the Lord to work through us at RCA.  Jodi is the middle and high school English teacher this year.  I am so excited for her students!  My wife has not only embraced a biblical worldview, she has the ability to communicate that to her students as they study world literature (the high school class).  The kids are going to be blessed by her example as well as her instruction!  To call her a great teacher would not do her justice!  I am teaching history for grades 5th-high school (three classes each morning).  On Monday, I am going to unpack the following paragraph:

“Our sovereign and triune God worked all things material and immaterial after the counsel of His eternal, good and holy will, for His great glory, for the good of His people and for the growth of His church.” 

I simply cannot envision teaching at a school where I could not lay such an important foundation for our study of world history! 

As you can imagine, Jodi and I are not only praying for our fellow teachers; we are praying for ourselves.  Our prayer is that “our sovereign and triune God” will work through us in the hearts and minds of our students!  The mission statement at Rhea County Academy is as follows:

“Equipping students to achieve academic excellence and spiritual maturity through a Christ-centered education.”

May God use us in that noble mission!  Your prayers to that end–even if they are uttered at the conclusion of your reading this sentence–are much appreciated!

Thanks!  Have a great weekend!


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